Apprenticeships To Earn Money Whilst Learning

Not everyone has the resources to pursue education up to the highest levels. For many, this is a dream that is difficult to attain as it is currently impractical. They may need to work for a while after completing compulsory education. This would depend on their skills and preferences. Some might try to save up money for later enrolment. Others could also start a career and never look back. There is now a third option in which work and study can be done at the same time. Apply for an apprenticeship and you can earn while extending your education. You might get an apprenticeship in construction or a host of other industries.

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Earnings Potential

The amount that you can earn as an apprentice will vary from one employer to another. Currently, the minimum wage for those working in this capacity is £3.50 for each hour. Do note that plenty of places pay far more than this amount, particularly for those who perform well. The earnings will also depend on the sector and the region. It will increase according to the apprenticeship level. There are some who are able to get as much as £500 per week while doing things that they can be immensely proud of. Aside from the salary, the experience is also a reward in itself.

Levels Available

There are several different position available for those who are willing to learn. The programs involve both on the job training and off the job studies. The latter is generally relegated to once a week trips to a college. As such, an individual will need to have suitable qualifications. For Intermediate apprenticeships, you will only need to have 5 GCSE passes. For Advanced, it has to be two A level passes. For Higher, the applicant must have a foundation degree and above. For degree, there has to be either a bachelor's or master's degree already acquired.

Application Process

Interested individuals may apply for any of the 28,000 positions every year. These are spread across the various regions of England. You can find them by going to the government's official website. Narrow down the list of vacancies by searching for keywords and note the results. Once you have found your dream job, register on the site and follow the prompts for the application. You can also check out the different online videos on YouTube to get more information and useful tips. Those who are not yet ready to commit to this level of work can try traineeships instead.

Entry Requirements

The basic entry requirements for interested parties are rather simple. You must be currently living in England, obviously, since the jobs are situated here and close mentorship is one of the main aspects of the program. You should also be 16 years old or more by the time that the summer holidays end. You should not be currently enrolled in a school for full-time education. This would likely result in a clash of schedules. If you satisfy all of these requirements, then begin your application.